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Green Eyes and Makeup




Microblading is a game changer for your daily getting ready routine. No more brow powders or pencils needed! Wake up looking fabulous and ready to go with microbladed brows <3


Microblading is a form of permanent cosmetics in which tiny hair like strokes are made in the outer layers of the skin to define and even the brows. This creates a very natural eyebrow look as the strokes appear as real brow hairs. This is great for those wanting to create brows if you have few to no hairs and want a natural look, create a  symmetrical pair of brows, or add to or alter your brow shape while still looking very soft and natural. 

Hybrid brows (also referred to as powder brows)  are the more popular option and are a combination of microbladed hair like strokes and shading. This creates a bit of a bolder and more defined look and may appear as if you had shaded your brows with brow cosmetics to define and deepen the look. With microblading alone many will still feel the need to apply brow powders or pencils when getting ready or going out. Hybrid brows are also a better choice for retention for those with very oily or thin aging skin. 


These brow enhancements are usually a two-session process, the initial procedure and the touch-up procedure, but there might be a need for a third session in a few cases. It is important to know and understand hat there is a healing process involved, and  the quality of the outcome depends on the correct treatment during recovery time.


After a proper procedure, it is normal for the skin to be red and swollen depending on skin sensitivity, it can be anywhere from mild to severe swelling. In the first days the eyebrows will look much darker and It will take approximately 10-12 days to fully scab or heal skin over. It is important to treat the area as a wound and one should not pick at the area. This can cause scarring and loss of color pigment. The client should avoid excessive exposure to the sun and avoid extra hot environments such as sauna\sport activities etc. Once the scabbing has stopped, it will look as if there was a loss in pigment. This is completely normal depending on how the client's took care of the area during healing. The loss of color pigment can be anywhere from 20%-70%. This is due to the fact that after 10 days our skin forms a protective barrier which makes the pigment look lighter and blurry, this is normal. The pigment takes approximately 4 weeks to appear again. The amount of pigment retained varies person to person and is not a reflection of quality of work but client skin type and after care.  It is important that clients are aware of the healing process, often it is during the first few days that many worry " Ah! these are too dark!" and then days later "Ah! Where are my brows?" This is a normal part of the process and a full 4 weeks of healing is needed to see a more final result before your touchup. It is important to remain calm and trust the 4 week healing process.


TOTAL: $495

$100 Deposit at the time of booking

$395 Due at your first procedure appointment

$0 Due at your touch up appointment

Additional Touchup if necessary within a 3 month period: $95

Yearly Returning Client Touchup: $225

It is recommended to schedule a yearly touch up to keep your brows looking fresh and at their best.



Lip Blushing is great for creating perfectly shaped lips for a flawless and natural look. This is for those who want to even out an asymmetrical smile, appearance of bigger and more plump lips, or just the hassle-free application of daily makeup! You can match your desired look with different pigment colors for a natural or a luscious look. The process of PMU Lip Blushing is similar to that of tattooing. A machine is used to deposit pigment into the skin similar  as in eyebrow shading. The effects of the lips is semi-permanent and will eventually require touch-ups as the pigment is deposited into the upper layer of the skin and not much deeper as with a standard tattoo. 


The process is normally completed in 1-3 sessions. 

60-70% is commonly lost in the first session and much more color is retained in the second session and third if desired for more pigment. 

There will be alight epithelial crust that will form and it is important to not touch or pick at the lips as it will result in a loss pf pigment. The crust will flake off in 5-7days.

The amount of pigment retained varies person to person and is not a reflection of quality of work but a reflection of client skin type and aftercare. The amount retained will determine if you need a second and sometimes third touchup and can be done 21 days after your initial application.

******If  you have a history of fever blisters or cold sores you will likely have a breakout. You may see your doctor to pretreat with VALTREX approximately 10 days before and 10 days after your procedure. Breakouts will result in loss of the pigment and possible scarring.  We will not work on clients with a history of cold sores that have not had pre treatment already done.******


TOTAL: $350

$75 Non Refundable Deposit at the time of booking

$275 Due at your first procedure appointment


The client is either pregnant or nursing, diabetic, undergoing chemotherapy (consult your doctor), has a viral infections and/or disease(s), epilepsy, has a pacemaker or major heart problems, had an organ transplant, deals with skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area, is sick on the day of the procedure, had botox in the past 1 month, or used accutane in the past year.

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