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Why your skin needs 8 hours of beauty sleep too

How To Reboot Your Skin Care Routine - Facials & Skin Treatmens In Racine, WI

Do you want understand the life cycle of your skin cells so you can achieve healthier skin? When you were 25 years and younger your skin cells turned over every 21-28 days. After the age of 25 your skin cell cycle and your collagen and elastin production slowed down by 50%.

Usually you don’t notice this slowing until your early 30’s. You don’t know WHAT happened, but you realize SOMETHING did happen because your skin doesn’t look the same as it did in your 20’s.

Do You Want To Know How You Can Reboot Your Skincare Routine For Summer Weather? You can trick your skin cells to look and act like younger skin cells for the rest of your life by making them turn over quicker. How? With a professional facial every 21-28 days (every 3-4 weeks) your skin will look younger, healthier, brighter, smoother, softer, and firmer.

If not then your skin cells will not turn over until 48 days. Signs of pre-mature aging, loss of collagen, loss of elastin, dead skin cells, fine lines, wrinkles and clogged pores which lead to blemishes will set in. (Not to mention that the products you’re using in your at-home skin care regimen are not working properly or penetrating deeply because they are being blocked by dead skin cells.)

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