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Common Skin Myth- Foundation

Some of my clients come to me with the goal of perfecting their skin so they can go makeup-free without having to cover blemishes, wrinkles, scarring, spots etc... Other clients don’t have much they want to cover up, so they think that wearing foundation makeup is not needed and that not wearing it is helping their skin by letting it “breathe.”


Well, the skin doesn't actually breathe-it has no respiratory system so thinking that it can breathe or be healthy without wearing makeup is a total myth. If that were the case then we probably wouldn't be telling you to lather on all these other products, right? You can actually think of your foundation as a skin care product or protectant. During daylight it actually protects your skin from UV light, free radicals, and other environmental damage. Many forms of foundations including liquids and powders contain titanium dioxide and like ingredients that are a natural protectant from damaging UV rays. Even though your makeup may not state it has SPF in it- it is still definitely guarding you from exposure you receive on a normal daily basis. Did you know that the #1 cause of wrinkles isn't from genetics or smoking- but from day to day UV exposure you receive walking from the house to the car, riding in the car, working outside around the house or at work? This is why additionally wearing an SPF daily is a must to keep your skin young, healthy, and fresh.

Of course there isn't one makeup that is good for every type of skin so if you have had one that has clogged your pores causing breakouts or irritation, you will need to experiment and find one that works well with your skin. On days I want a lighter coverage I wear an SPF-infused mineral powder, but most of the time I like to use a liquid with more coverage.

My favorites?......

Lancome Teint De Ultra 24 Hour ( Full Coverage Plus SPF- no sunlight getting to my mug! :) )

Comparable to Lancome- Loreal Infallable

Bare Minerals Original Broad Spectrum Foundation - SPF 15 (Light coverage with SPF)

Beauty Blvd's NEW Skin Care line offers an amazing Inifite Youth Vitamin C Day Cream with SPF that we have formulated with our cosmetic chemist that is available for pre order NOW !

For $79.99...The Infinite Youth C Cream is an advanced formulation for smoothing facial lines. Formulated to be a cosmetic alternative to facial injections as it contains Argireline and Matrixyl™. Argirline is a peptide that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Oz recently coined Argireline as a "Botox Alternative." Argireline is one of our favorite ingredients to help restore the skins youthful appearance. Matrixyl™ is a patented ingredient from France that has shown to decrease wrinkle depth up to 68%! This awesome product will help give you the appearance of more youthful looking skin. A study demonstrated the positive, measurable effects of Matrixyl™ for decreasing: Wrinkle volume Wrinkle density Wrinkle depth Surface area of deep wrinkles Skin roughness Directions: For best results, Infinite Youth C Cream should be daily after our Cleanser and Serum using gentle upward strokes.

If you'd like to PRE ORDER yours now- simply click below to bake taken to the BB Shop where you can check out securely. :

Anyway, don't be afraid to wake up and makeup! There are tons of options out there that are NOT harmful or suffocating your skin and naturally protect the skin and will help you look and feel great!

XOSonja, Your Licensed Skin Specialist

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