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Be a skin ROCKSTAR on VIP!

Be a skin ROCKSTAR! - On VIP Membership!

You want treatments that produce results right? You have had the basic facials for a deep cleanse and freshen up but want more? Afraid of more invasive treatments or just never seem to have a good time to have them done because of the down time? Our VIP Memberships provide real results through our DELUXE skin treatments that are quickly effective with NO downtime. We're talking the most prestige product combined with modern technology and modalities to give your skin the most ULTIMATE and EFFECTIVE skin treatment/s for all concerns with NO downtime.

We will treat:

sagging skin, puffy undereye/bags, lines around the eyes and mouth, laugh lines, other lines and wrinkles, sun/age spots, acne scars, scars from injury, stretch marks, etc- with no downtime.




Our package options allow you to choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 Deluxe Treatments in ONE visit per month during a 6 month period. Remember it takes about 6 months on average to get through those 5-15 layers of dead, rough , dull, skin!

Deluxe Treatments include:

-Tight Bright LED Light Therapy Facial

-Hydro Facial

-Electric Facial

-Divinely Smooth Facial

Treatments include different forms of no downtime peels, deep exfoliations via the best modalities and tools, infusion of essential vitamins, nutrition, and moisture via tools that push these into the skin without leaving you red or sensitized- electric treatments that FIRM and infuse product and actually physically tighten the muscles and tissues even helping with sagging of the neck and chest area. LED light therapy to further firm and even the skin tone and texture along with killing bacteria and reducing redness and inflammation for acne. Literally a treatment for EVERY concern and treatments treat MULTIPLE concerns in ONE monthly visit.

Each month, your skin specialist will assist you in choosing the best treatments for you during this visit- you can change it up each month depending on your concerns at that time! There is no way to describe how your skin will look and feel after each treatment because it will look and feel that AH-MAZING! AND results are cumulative so the more you do per visit and the more often you visit your skin will become more and more healthier, brighter, even, cleaner, and younger!

Looking forward to seeing you in VIP and helping you get your best skin ever this year!



Your Licensed Skin Specialist

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