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10 Beauty Tips To Make Your Life Easier

1) Keep all of your skin routine/hair morning and night items in one place.

For example, I use a cupcake tier on my bathroom counter for all the things I use the most. This is THE BEST thing that ever happened to me! Especially ladies- cmon! you know ALL the products we use to get ready! I would waste so much time every day taking everything out then putting it all away and sometimes leaving my bathroom counter a mess that I would have to come home to clean up if I was running late. It makes my mornings so much easier and it looks super cute!


I don't know about you- but I can't stand having to put on mascara and then taking it off rubbing my eyes at the end of the day. And if I don't- well then I wake up looking like a raccoon with irritated eyes. Lash Extensions and Lash Lifts are a great way to go to save time each morning and night and wake up looking AWAKE! No mascara needed but it already looks like you have great lashes!

Both are much less maintenance than mascara!

Lash Extensions- hairs are applied to each of your single natural lash hairs. Fills needed every 2-3 weeks.

Lash Lifts- your natural lashes are permed to curl upward and can also be tinted to make them appear even longer as most are lighter on the tips.

We offer both lash services at Beauty Blvd, and can customize your look to your needs. BOOK ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE

3) Wheres My Chapstick?

Are you constantly applying chap stick or lip gloss? And constantly losing it? TOTALLY ME! You always have your cell phone handy right? Check out this awesome way to have a cell holder, and handy chapstick without losing it! Simply adhere the container to the back of your cell case with super glue or hot glue- it can also act as a stand!

4) Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream

If you feel like you must have some type of makeup or coverage before heading out to run errands or hit the gym, etc- a tinted moisturizer or BB cream gives just a little coverage to even things out. I normally put moisturizer on anyway after showering/washing my face (which you should!) so why not do this one step before heading to the gym instead of putting on a bunch of makeup that will get all sweaty and get washed off after anyway? Purchase our favorite BB Cream at Beauty Blvd or on our site! You can choose pick up at Beauty Blvd, or we can deliver! Click to get yours!

5)Consolidate! Do you carry basically a giant overnight bag as a purse because you feel like you need to bring a ton of makeup and such with you? I mean - this can hurt your shoulder and not to mention be stressful and irritating while out for the day. I have one palette that I bring and its smaller than the size of a wallet. It has concealer, blush, contour powder, highlighter, shadow, and lip color all in one with everything I need and perfect for popping in my purse which is actually basically a wallet with a strap itself! I love that I don't need to lug a bunch of stuff around and still feel ready for the day or night!

6) Late night make-up removal

Out late? Or just too tired to wash your face at the sink? Keep some makeup up remover wipes by your bed or handy in the bathroom to do a quick swipe to remove that excess makeup before bed.

7) Waxing!

Constant shaving can be a struggle! Get to the gym or beach and realize you forgot to shave? YIKES! Waxing once per month rids of that task! Waxing is inexpensive and completely safe. Get your wax in once per month and you're good to go! We have some awesome waxing pricing and services and can customize packages to your needs.

8) Teeth Whitening

Do you use home white strips? Are you spending $65 plus on multiple home kits that ruin your enamel and don't provide the results you're looking for? You may have to go through several boxes to get the result you're looking for. Beauty Blvd offers an Organic All Natural Teeth Whitening service that produces results that are shades of a difference in one hour. AND it lasts!

9)Mini Strainer

Use a mini straner to help clean your makeup brushes. Swirl your makeup brushes in it with baby shampoo or brush cleanser under running water. MUCH easier than having to wipe them or brush them on a cloth and much faster AND cleans them better!

10)Take Care of Your Skin!

Do you feel like you have to put makeup on before leaving the house? Taking care of your skin with treatments and home care will give you such healthier, younger, and even skin. What does that result in? More confidence, saved time by not feeling like you have to apply makeup to run to the grocery store or the gym, and saved money by using less product. SO many benefits to having great skin inside and out! This along with lashes and you will always be ready to go with no hassle! Book Your service online or visit our shop for all of your skin care needs!

Hope this helps you save some time and reduce some stress about your beauty routines!

Looking forward to seeing you at Beauty Blvd!


Your Licensed Skin Specialist


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