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Double Cleanse for Healthier Skin!

Have you been applying your cleanser directly to your makeup? Use your purpose specific cleanser as a makeup remover?

If you have a cleanser that service a purpose like hydrating, clearing, soothing , etc, or other products such as exfoliants or masques, you'll need to make sure that you first remove all traces of makeup and excess surface dirt, oils, and debris so your products can penetrate the skin and WORK.

Beauty Blvd's Vita Cleanse is a game changer for the effectiveness of your skin care routine. It is a unique blend of Argan, Cranberry, and Marula and other oils along with several beneficial vitamins and antioxidants.

It glides across the skin effortlessly removing makeup (even eye makeup!) while helping hydrate and improve the appearance of dry dehydrated skin. It can even be used in the evening as a hydrating nourishing booster underneath your night time moisturizer.

It is one of those products that wows you by the feeling of your skin after you try it! Grab yours now HERE

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