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Bye Bye Under Eye Circles

Nobody is fond of having a dark under eye - but you are NOT alone!

This is a very common issue for many and while it can be hereditary it is also an effect of age as our skin thins as we get older.

"What Can I do to get improve my dark under eye circles?"

Beauty Blvd's triple peptide eye corrector is am amazing product that hydrates, fills, and tightens the under eye area. Since the skin becomes thinner it sinks in creating a dark area and a shadow.

Our Eye Revival treatment is also a GO TO treatment for those with this issue as the area is exfoliated with a light peel to reduce lines and then filled with hyaluronic acid.

We first recommend at home use of the Eye Corrector with a re-evaluation in about 4 weeks.

For more noticeable dark circles that require additional attention we recommended the Eye Corrector while receiving Eye Revival Treatments every 2-4 weeks.

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