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Large Pores? We got You!

Large Pores?! We got You!

Many Clients Ask:

Why do my pores keep getting larger as I get older?

This is a very common question, and the GREAT news is- is that it IS treatable.

While larger pores are not necessarily due to age, you may notice your pores growing larger over time.

This is due to excess skin buildup and clogged pores. Even if you are taking care of your skin at home, depending on your unique skin type and product being used the severity of the buildup, clogging, and pore size can vary.

Exfoliating regularly at home with a quality professional product will definitely help, along with professional treatments and tools that are designed to clear not only the large but even the tiniest of pores to prevent them from growing larger AND help shrink them.

To prevent and treat large pores we recommend:

1) At home use of Beauty Blvd's Charcoal Mask that exfoliates, helps clear, and constrict the pores.

2) Treatments such as:

*Beauty Brasion - a diamond tip microdermabrasion with suction that provides a professional level exfoliation and clears pores.

*Hydrapeel- Microdermabrasion with infusion of moisture to hydrate and fill clearing and taking away the appearance of drabby exaggerated large pores.

*Micro Duo- the ultimate treatment that treats the skin inside and out through microderm, microneedling, and filling of hyaluronic acid. A deep exfoliation and suction, tiny needles that break up debri and build collagen, and fill with hyaluronic acid.

It is NEVER too early , or too late to get started!

Skin care is like working out, the more often you treat and care for your skin, the better shape it will be in.

You only have one skin- so if you get started now, later you will be so glad you did!

Grab your Charcoal Mask and check out our VIP page on to learn about our VIP Plans to save a BUNCH on multiple treatments!

If you have any questions at all about what options are best for you, shoot me an email to or text or call 262-833-7148.

I'd love to assist you on your journey to amazing skin, lashes and brows!

Thanks for reading and see you at Beauty Blvd!

<3 Sonja

Your Licensed Skin Specialist, Lash & PMU Artist

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