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Say Goodbye to Deep Acne Scars!

Corrective skin care is our specialty- and one of the main issues our clients come across is scarring from acne.

Our TCA CROSS Method is the #1 treatment to improve enlarged pores, ice pick and box car scars

CROSS= Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars

We generally see 3 different types of acne scars:

1. Rolling scars – are exactly how they sound. There is a wavy texture to the skin where scars have built up. The general underlying shape is a U.

2. Ice pick scars are the shape of a deep V. The skin looks almost as if someone stabbed it with a sharp pick – hence the name.

3. Box car scars have a square shape. A box car is an area where more than one scar has joined together to create a larger hole. This is very common with ice pick scars.

Many people will exhibit all three types of the scars on their faces at one time.

Our TCA Cross Treatment is done in 3 sessions spaced 5 weeks apart as there needs to be re treatment to see truly noticeable results. From there you may continue forward if needed to achieve your desired results depending on the depth.

We will apply a strong percentage of TCA acid directly inside the scar to stimulate skin remodeling. AS the skin remodels itself the scar will fill in the depth and width with new collagen tissues. on the depth of you scars you will see a 10%-40% improvement with each treatment as the skin rebuilds filling in the width and the depth of each scar.

The whiteness you see in this photo is what we look for at the time of treatment to make sure we have sufficiently saturated the scar, this will not be visible later the day of treatment. It is normal for the scars to be red for a couple of days- and some times a small skin colored scab may develop in the scar which is completely normal and only means the skin is regenerating rebuilding. You'll just want to make sure you do not pick the scabs and let them naturally fall off.

You will be provided with aftercare ointment to aid in the healing process.

If you have any questions at all- don't hesitate to reach out. We are looking forward to helping you in your skin correction journey and helping you fell confident in your skin!


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