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Skin needs exercise too!

Prepping for Chemical Peel Season

What is “Exercising the Skin”? You would never run a marathon without training, just like you should never get a chemical peel without preparing at home! The term “exercising the skin” refers to the process of training your skin to adjust to active exfoliating ingredients (AHAs, BHAs, retinol, etc.) so that when it’s time for a chemical peel, your skin won’t feel shocked or have an adverse reaction. You’ll also find better, longer-lasting results after the treatment if you’re willing to put in the work before! If you’re already using the above actives in your skincare, keep it up! If not, DM me and we’ll get you set up with a regimen that will have your skin trained and ready for a chemical peel within 2 weeks!

And just like working out, peels and skin care is not a one and done for the best results, although with peels you will see results in one treatment. Visit the services page for single peel bookings, and the packages page to get your series rolling for the best skin ever!

Our recommended products for chemical peel prep are:

Living Cell Clarifyer (Currently on Sale!)

Don't Forget with any $100 product purchase you'll receive a $25 service gift card!

Let's work it out and build healthy skin!


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