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Our mission is to provide specialized beauty and wellness services that ensure client satisfaction leaving you feeling beautifully amazing and valued.

Beauty Blvd is a well known, highly sought after clinic located in Franksville, WI that provides corrective skin treatments, waxing, lash extensions/lifts, permanent cosmetics and teeth whitening.

Meet Sonja

Licensed Skin Specialist Since 2010

Sonja specializes in skincare via customized treatments using the most modern and innovative technology along with prestige exclusive Beauty Blvd product she has developed through partnering with a cosmetic chemist.  She serves men, women, and teens who want to better their skin whether for general overall health and appearance,  reducing signs of aging, preventing aging, or reducing or preventing current acne or scarring left behind from previous acne.

At Beauty Blvd, our treatments are designed to produce results using the best tools, products and technology. We focus on staying on keeping our knowledge fresh and staying on top of the best modalities and technologies that are going to be the most effective.  There are no “cookie cutter” or “foofy” facials here- only result driven highly effective skin treatments with the latest technologies.​

Additionally- we view each client as a person- and individual- and customize each treatment as needed for each individual because different people have different needs and desires- and each treatment is tweaked to fit your personal skin goals.  

We specialize in and are  known for our soft surgery Fibrolift treatments and skin services that deliver extremely noticeable facelift like effects in addition to clearing existing acne and acne scars.

Because of the way we view our clients and their needs and the treatments and home care we provide our clients experience several benefits such as:

  • Real results from treatments – value for the money you’re spending

  • Saved time and money , and less stress by not having to experiment blindly and alone by purchasing and trying tons different products  that aren’t working

  • Confidence-if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you look good

  • Contentment  and happiness that they not only found a treatment that works but someone who understands what they want and actually cares about that  and knows how to get them there.

Sonja is also specializes in CryoSkin Slimming & Toning (Body Sculpting) Lash Extensions/Lifts, Permanent Cosmetics, and Laser Teeth Whitening.

Sonja is 5x certified in permanent cosmetics and performs microblading, powder brows, hybrid brows, lip blushing, and eyeliner. 

She has been a lash tech for 5 years and is experienced in all types and looks and can create any look you desire.

Contact us today to see what services, treatments and home care will be best for you!

Meet Gianna


Gianna is a trained and certified Cryo Technician. She has the magic touch when it comes to effective and comfortable Cryo Treatments. Not in only in a physical perspective - but also mental in making each client feel comfortable and at home when discussing concerns and the best route to go for each client personally.


She truly loves helping men and women feel comfortable and confident in their already beautiful bodies and helping them tweak things to achieve their own personal goals.


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