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The Struggle is REAL!

Knock Out Your Struggles at

Beauty Blvd!

Do you struggle with :

sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, dull skin, spots, current acne or scars?

Are you challenged with:

Being unsure of what treatments will help, products to purchase or what to do about your concerns?

Are you wasting time and money purchasing and trying products that just aren't working?

Are you stressed about how to get healthier skin and feel better?

I am a Licensed Skin Specialist who would love to help you. I work with men, women, and teens who struggle with acne, scars, lines/wrinkles, sagging skin, sagging chin and neck areas, spots, uneven skin tone, sensitive skin and rosacea -and who want clear, smooth, tight, firm, lifted, even, healthier, younger skin- and products they are going to benefit from.

At Beauty Blvd, our treatments are designed to produce results using the best tools, products and technology. We focus on keeping our knowledge fresh and staying on top of the best modalities and technologies that are going to be the most effective. There are no “cookie cutter” or “foofy” facials here- only result driven highly effective skin treatments.

Additionally- we view each client as a person- and individual- and customize each treatment as needed for each individual because different people have different needs and desires- and each treatment is tweaked to fit your personal skin goals. We don’t stress about staying in lines and keeping each treatment exactly the same because no individuals' needs are the same.

We specialize in and are known for extremely noticeable facelift like effects through non invasive treatments in addition to clearing existing acne and acne scars.

Because of the way we view our clients and their needs and the treatments and home care we provide -our clients experience several benefits such as:

  • Real results from treatments – value for the money you’re spending

  • Saved time and money , and less stress by not having to experiment alone by purchasing and trying tons different products that aren’t working

  • Confidence-if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you look good

  • Contentment- happy that you have found treatments and products that actually work and help you reach your skin goals, and a Licensed Skin Specialist who understands your goals and how to achieve them.

So – by receiving advanced skin treatments at Beauty Blvd- you’re not only receiving the physical treatment but so much more value and happiness in other aspects of your life and having a happier, better attitude by feeling great about yourself!

If you have any of the concerns mentioned before, or have been struggling with any of the issues mentioned before – let us know and we can get you on track to being stress free, saving money and time, having better skin a better attitude, and a healthier you!

Our VIP Memberships are the SURE way to treat all of your concerns!

Think about it- if you have a headache- you don’t want to take a vitamin you want an aspirin to knock it out- Our VIP Memberships and products are that ingredient you need to knock out those issues and stresses you’ve been having.

So contact us if you are interested and have questions or if you’re ready to get started just hop on our site now to select your VIP membership.

I am SO excited to get started and working towards your goals with you!

-Your Licensed Skin Specialist

Sonja <3

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