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Why we WASH our face & lashes :)

Over time, I have met many people admit they do not remove makeup, replace mascara, or take care of their skin daily. I always promote lash wash and skin care not just because it is what I do but because it is NEEDED to maintain healthy and CLEAN skin.

When we do not wash our face or remove mascara from our natural lashes, or wash our lash extensions we attract more microscopic mites that survive on the skin. They are particularly found on areas near the cheeks, forehead, chin eyebrows, and eyelashes.

The mites are so small that you cannot see them ) with the naked eye unless you start to get buildup in large quantities where then you will notice something like the left top photo- whereas then they can cause noticeable reactions such as

  • itchiness

  • scaly rough patches of skin

  • burning sensation in eyes

  • flareups of skin issues- eczema, rosacea, etc.

These are not contagious and can be treated by washing your face and using an exfoliator and washing lashes regularly. Applying tea tree oil after cleansing will also take care of any eggs left behind in the hairs (Beauty Blvds Cleansers Contain Tea Tree so you could do this in one step)

Mascaras should also be replaced at least every 90 days as bacteria starts to buildup in the tube from the first time it is used. Makeup brushes should also be kept clean at least within this time frame.

Not trying to gross you any one out- yikes! :)

But have to share as many are unaware or don't really believe that unwashed lashes and skin can actually cause issues.

So take those few minutes to remove that make up and cleanse those lashes and skin! :)

You can get your lash wash and skin care products at Beauty Blvd to aid in your healthy skin

and lashes!

Questions- just ask!

<3 Your Licensed Skin Specialist


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