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Winter to Spring Skin Care

Spring is finally here and Winter is ALMOST gone for good! :)

Taking with it dry, itchy skin!

We've spent the winter applying balms and oils to our dry skin but our skin is in for a shock as warmer, more humid weather approaches.

How can we prep our face and skin for the warmer, sunnier days ahead?

1) Swap your moisturizer for something a little lighter and with vitamin c.

Our skin naturally holds more moisture in the spring and we won't need as much protection from the dry air. The Vitamin C will help keep your skin tone even from more sun exposure as the sun is shining. Beauty Blvd's Infinite Youth Day Cream is an ultra light cream containing Vitamin C to keep the skin tone even and tackle lines.

2) Use an SPF 50 that is separate from your moisturizer. While built in SPFs in your mositurizer or makeup may suitable enough for winter, I highly recommend layering a separate SPF 50 to protect from UV damage. Sun exposure creates lines and spots and dehydrates the skin - and accounts for 80% of your skin's aging issues.

3) Exfoliate with a gentle cleanser rather than with harsh scrubs. There are many over the counter scrubs that are too abrasive and can injure the skin. A Glycolic Acid Cleanser will do the trick. You can use Beauty Blvd's Glyco Cleanser as a daily exfoliating cleanser or as needed to keep your skin smooth and clear.

4) Spring Clean your Skin Care Closet. Throw away anything more than 6 months old. Old products can host a buildup of bacteria leading to clogged pores, breakouts, and dull skin.

5) Use a light tinted moisturizer rather than heavy foundations on warm days- summer outings, trips to the beach. You won't feel like your skin is greasy and caked up with makeup and it wont melt off leaving smudges and blotches.

Luckily, your spring and summer skin care can be simple and light.

Get your Glycolic Cleanser, Infinite Youth Vitamin C Day Cream, Tinted Moiturizer, and SPF at Beauty Blvd's online shop HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you out and about this spring and summer!

<3 Your Licensed Skin Specialist,


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